Gnarwhal Coffee Co.
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Coffee, Cold Brew, Gnarly Merch and more!

Check out our whole bean coffee options, cold brew and gnarly, handmade merchandise!



Gnarwhal Coffee Community was created with a simple goal in mind, make your mornings fun and worry-free. After some time spent obsessed with the nuance and complexity of coffee we realized most people just want a great tasting, simple cup of joe. So instead of boring you with the details, we just decided to let the coffee speak for itself. We hope you try one of our blend choices or grab a pack of our bottled Cold Brew!


Beyond the Cup.

Gnarwhal Coffee Co has committed to planting a tree for every product sold through our website and at our pop-up events. So every time you purchase a bag of coffee, a sweet t-shirt or a comfy hat a tree is planted somewhere on Mother Earth! We hope this puts a smile on your face and encourages you to consume from business’ that seriously consider the burden we place on our planet. Cheers!