Who is Gnarwhal Joe?


Gnarwhal Joe

In an effort to lighten up the mood around specialty coffee, Gnarwhal Joe was born. Gnarwhal Joe exemplifies what it means to be a part of this community, always maintaining a positive vibe and constantly working to engage meaningfully with the world around you. Most importantly Gnarwhal Joe is here to make sure you have fun!


Why (g)narwhal?

Narwhal is properly spelled, well… Narwhal. We chose to add the letter ‘g’ to the front to put an emphasis on the gnarly characteristics of these Arctic mammals. In pop culture the narwhal is surrounded by mystery and most people have a hard time realizing this unicorn of the sea is in fact a real animal, not just the cute character from Elf that everyone loves. The gnarly horn-like structure emerging from the narwhal’s face is in fact a tooth and is most commonly found on male narwhals. The tusk-tooth-horn thing can measure up to 10 feet in length and never stops growing throughout the narwhal’s life; it’s even rumored that these tusks were traded as “unicorn horns” and were worth ten times their weight in gold!

The narwhal habitat is the Arctic Circle, an area that is extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. In fact, the narwhal is already listed as near threatened on National Geographic’s website. In an effort to support our sea unicorn friends and ensure the survival of such an awe-inspiring animal, Gnarwhal Coffee co plants a tree for every product sold on this website. some of you may be thinking, how does this help? Well trees are one of the most critical carbon reducing mechanisms on the planet, thus by having more trees, our planet is able to both reduce more carbon from the atmosphere while also producing more oxygen. This ambitious goal of planting a tree for every product sold on our website is achieved by partnering with our friends at One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted is a non-profit helping to make global reforestation easier by creating a platform where one dollar is equivalent to one tree. Thus, every time we donate a dollar, another tree is planted in a region of our choice. Being a coffee company, planting trees in the ‘coffee belt’ is most important to us since without healthy ecosystems in the ‘coffee belt’ we wouldn’t have very good coffee :( Thank you for the continued support and as always please feel free ot reach out with any questions or concerns!