Alina is the artist behind our (g)narwhal friend and a key contributor to the community we are building.  Alina began drawing in her early high school years at the age of 15 and has continued to evolve as an artist.  After high school she moved to Bali and began her career working with local brands and continuing to differentiate herself from other artist with simplistic, eloquent lines and a unique use of bold coloring in certain designs. After 2 years in Bali, she continued traveling around the world surfing and working remotely to build her clientele and connect with like minded travelers.  

Alina currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband (another extremely talented artist @thelosangelesriver) and their young son.  She continues to work with an array of brands from surf companies, consumable brands, bars, restaurants and of course… coffee companies!  

Check out Alina’s Instagram for more inspiration @olinevod and to inquire on purchasing designs or collaborating!